Patient Stories

Many patients come to us based on word-of-mouth referrals or after reading online ratings or reviews. We understand that learning about the personal experiences of real patients can help you when choosing a facial plastic surgeon. That’s why we are happy to share these stories, in which real patients discuss their reasons for considering cosmetic procedures and, after selecting our primary provider of esthetic services, Dr. Leighann Landy, why they return to Landy Headache & Esthetics for additional treatments, and recommend us to their friends and family.

Whether you’re thinking about getting nonsurgical treatments to reverse early signs of aging, or are considering a facelift, request a consultation  or call our office at 662-000-000 to schedule an appointment.

Medical assistance

In their own words

Darryl’s Story – More men than ever before are choosing to undergo facial cosmetic surgery. Many, such as Darryl, feel young and want their faces to reflect that.

Faye’s Story – As a personal trainer who’s in excellent physical shape, Faye exudes youthful energy. She wanted to look naturally refreshed and knew she was in good hands with Dr. Jarmuz.